Kasrani - when you absolutely positively have to entertain and astonish every person in the room ... accept no substitute!

A specialist in close-up magic, Kasrani is a truly involving magician, who is capable of irresistibly drawing a person into the act. He delivers magic performances with a trademark wit, a hypnotic charisma and an enigmatic charm, which are as entertaining as the illusions are beguiling.

To make your wedding, birthday party, graduation ball or any other party memorable and extra special, then allow Kasrani to charm your guests with his highly interactive magic, that uses simple everyday objects yet creates wonder, laughter and astonishment

Kasrani, is been performing as a resident magician in few different restaurants and bars for years, currently he performs weekly at Aruba restaurant – bar located on Bournemouth beach. Kasrani is a true working professional with many years of performing experience, he can customise a show to fit any event.

Close up magic, walk around mingling with the guests and magic on stage for large audience. Kasrani can also provide additional magicians, fire manipulators, DJs and other artists. For more details please Contact Kasrani


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