Assyrian by birth, the formidable magic presence that is Kasrani was born in Mesopotamia (better known today as Iraq). Kasrani later moved to Greece.

His interest in Magic started from the early age of 10: he came across a street performer who gave him a glass of water to hold, waved a black handkerchief over it, said a few corny magic words and immediately turned the water into fried chick peas. That  was what started Kasrani on his long and magical journey to becoming one of the worlds most unique and accomplished close up magicians.

Kasrani's ability to reduce a group of sceptical bystanders to stunned spectators is

Since a very young age Kasrani has been performing mind-blowing magic, from TV and Film to the
world’s best night spots. He has an ability to interact with people regardless of their   background,
age,culture or class. Kasrani astonishes amazes, inspires and creates wonder in people from all
walks of life -from the streets to high profile business people, professional sports persons and
royalty all over the globe.

Kasrani is a truly international character: he speaks Assyrian/ Aramaic, Greek, Arabic
and English fluently; he can also riff confidently in several other languages. He also has
a great passion and enthusiasm for music, acting, dance and cooking.

While part of Kasrani's trademark may be his ability to communicate in several  
languages, he can also astonish even when not talking, relying on his overpowering
and flamboyant magical personality. He has a quirky sense of humour, unique style
and the power to transform even the most sceptical of bystanders to a
spontaneous audience. 

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